Timed event help!

Unit 3, Lesson 17 Project

The student would like the “try again” message to appear for a certain number of seconds (about 3 seconds) when clicked.

What currently happens is if the present is clicked, “try again” shows up for a split second and goes away. Same thing for when the correct present is clicked, the “merry christmas” message only shows up for a split second.

Is there a way to set up a certain number of seconds for these messages to appear, but still make the present disappear?


You could use a variable to store the data that it has been clicked and make the text appear then make a timer for how long it should appear.

What would the variable and timer look like? This is my first time teaching this course and need help! I know the basics to follow the lessons, but when students ask for things beyond, I get lost :frowning:

I’m not too familiar with Gamelab, but what I did was:

  • Create a global variable towards the top of the program that determines if the text should be showed or not

  • Make a function to keep track of the time passed

function tryAgain(){
  showText = true;
    showText = false;
  }, 3000);
  • In each of your mousePressedOver(present1) if statements, I replaced the first three lines with a call of our function, so just tryAgain().
  • In the draw loop - near the top - I added these lines of code (so I essentially moved them out of all the if statements and into just three lines!)
  if(showText)text("Try Again", 100, 100);
  • Finally, so that it doesn’t show when the user clicks the right present, you can add showText = false; with the code where the user wins

Here’s the code if you want to take a look at it. I tried adding some comments and arrows so it’s a little easier to see what I changed.

Good luck with your class!

Thank you very much! That is very helpful.

Appreciate you :slight_smile: