U1 Day 11-14: PD Discussion Topic


I believe the videos folks are referring to are from the online ECS supports - https://studio.code.org/s/ecs-unit1/stage/7/puzzle/1.

These are some great ones I’ve used as hook activities or discussion topics -
3D Fashion Design software
Video Avatar Presentation
SpaceX Design for animation


I would use Pixlr online as it is a pretty powerful editing tool. And it’s free!


I relate this lesson by talking about how Computer Scientists aren’t just programmers. The videos are fantastic! I think it helps to keep their interests by showing them application. Here is what I created:


Wow, what a lesson. I will use my photography teacher to help me with this one. This definitely would be a great lesson to go over in PD. Although I think the students are going to love it. Many students are very creative and can help the less creative ones (like me).


Here’s what I created----what a disaster.


My efforts on this lesson was a disaster. Too embarrassed to show it. Didn’t understand it when we did it at ECS in-person training. Tried it with my students. They understood it better than me. I instead chose to have them explain their own thought process to me.



I would love to hear how your students explained their idea on using the visualization tools via http://csdt.rpi.edu/ and how it connects to cultures, data and math.

Do you mind sharing any of their ideas or ah ha moments they had when doing this activity.


Created this in Bryce7

Modelling is another form of communication. I think it would be easy to take this step.