U1 Day 17-19: PD Discussion Topic


My kids tried the chatbots, but the only one that was available to us was Eliza. So, they were a little amused asking questions with Eliza. Discussions afterwards turned to Siri, Cortona, and automated messages (when callinging customer services). I ended up doing this instead the Turing Test Activity, because of time and room set up. My students also ended up doing a research on the latest development of artificial intelligence, and they are to present as if they are reporters/journalists.


My class is set up with an office for the computer/human to use while the interrogators stay in the classroom. I think this will be a fun activity. I am not sure how many of the chatbot sites will work at school.


One of the things I found interesting is that computers can’t tell jokes. Maybe that becomes the new Turing test. How would we create our own Turing test in the classroom, what would we use to be the computer.


The way my room is set up… I shouldn’t have a problem with logistics. I plan on using various rooms within my classroom… in addition I found some great resources with in this thread.


My classroom opens to an adjoining room, so I could use both spaces to set up the Turing Test Activity


I plan on using my current classroom to facilitate the Turing Test. The way that my classroom is set up, I can have two members go into the alcove by my classroom to act as the computers/humans. I could also use Google Hangouts to facilitate this by having two students or two teachers in another classroom answer the questions and have them projected on my Smart Board.


Doing the google hangout is a creative twist.


I have 2 rooms joined together so it will be fairly easy for me to setup my rooms for this activity. There is a web site about a chat robot named Alice that I’ve found to be useful


I will have the students to watch the turing test video and answer questions about it.


I like the videos and the activity suggested in this lesson. I also had a suggestion from another teacher to show a part of the movie “Blade Runner” and then when asking the students who is the computer, ask them if they are sure enough that they would shoot. It makes them think a little more deeply.


It could be used in groups, but I like the idea of google hangouts!


I plan on showing a clip about what a turing test is. I will show different chatterbots to the students - http://www.mitsuku.com/

They will get to volunteer questions to see how the bots answer!



Thanks for sharing the links for some additional chatterbots. Are the students coming up with the questions individually or as pairs/groups?


I used to video as a self-starter on canvas so that students could then comment on other students answers and get more ideas before the lesson even started. I then split them up into groups and the groups got to take turns asking questions. So I made it a group challenge to figure out who was the computer and who was the real person.

These are the websites I used for the Chatter Bots.




Thanks for these sites - as you probably found out, each school has a different filter so not all the suggested chatterbots work - always good to have more!



The turing test is a great place to start. It will give the students a chance to examine themselves and what they know about computer technology.



Thanks for the idea on the turing test. Do you have any ideas on how you’ll use it in class?


I have an Amazon Echo in my classroom and if you say “Alexa, let’s chat” she brings up a random chatbot. None of the ones I’ve tried are super good, but they do serve the point well enough for teaching it in class.


I love the idea of using “Amazons” Alexa or other types of AI’s to chat. We tried using similar types of tools like Alexa, Siri, Cortana to ask the same question to see what types of answers they gave us, and we have a fun time trying to see which one had the better algorithmic answers.


Yes. The advantage of the Echo is that Amazon is apparently sponsoring some kind of competition for chat bots, so if you say “let’s chat,” she actually brings up a chat bot that is part of the competition and it’s not Amazon’s normal Echo AI interface…