U2 Day 16: Assessment


I can’t figure out what happened to 2 of my students. They both went through Unit 1; lessons, the assessments with no problem. They also went through Unit 2 lessons without a problem. I can see the text-responses completed.
Today, I unlocked the Unit 2 assessment and all of my students EXCEPT these 2 saw the assessment and began to take it. The 2 that could not, it was greyed for them. I printed a hard copy for them.
I asked if they logged in with a different user ID or email, they both said no. I looked at their profile and their user ID are the ones in my ‘Manage Student’ list.
Can somebody give me a suggestion what to look at?


@rderemer that is odd…

I am wondering if you had the students refresh the page? (I am guessing you did). But If they opened up the page a minute before you unlocked the assessment, I could see that being the issue. I would also recommend sending this to support@code.org for additional tech insight.


Yes, I had the refresh, log-out, log back in , and reboot the PC; all to no avail.


Did you check to see if they were in the correct version of the curriculum? Could they have gone to an older version by chance?


They were in the current version, their text response were all there, they were ok both of Unit 1 assessments, but not Unit 2


Please write to support@code.org and provide them with the student names. They can then look into this in more detail. I’m sorry this happened.