Unit 1 Chapter 2 Assessment (Lessons 8 to 14)


FYI. I discovered last week that the forum is open to the public. (You don’t have to login to see the posts) If you are using these tests, you probably want to change them. I was at a code (http://www.weare.ci/) workshop in NY this weekend and another teacher mentioned he caught his students with the test that was from the forum. His students must have searched for code.org Unit 1 Chapter 1.


Thank you for sharing - had to play around with it and adapt it but is helping me better prepare my students


What is the Q&A button at the bottom of the teacher’s assessment review? I’ve been afraid to click on it.


@carmichaelc-- feel free to click, it’s not going to mess anything up :slight_smile: it’s a help widget for people who have questions about using or navigating the teacher dashboard


AP CSP Unit 1 Chapter 2 Assessment Questions.docx (28.8 KB)

My students struggled with the multiple choice in the first assessment so I added essay questions to make them explain their learning. For the Chapter 2 assessment I decided to add the Abstraction diagram for them to fill in and explain which I think will help them as a reference to the multiple choice and along with a general question on abstraction and scalable which I feel is very important to the curriculum. Please feel free to use, share, adjust, etc.


I am going to use this as a formative assessment. Thanks for sharing


Thank you. Just a note for others using your great Assessment Question: the key is actually found in the U1L13 Resource WS (I guess I’m a little slow this morning…)


Nice study guide. Do you have a key you would be willing to share?


Can we still get a link to Doug’s Unit 1 Chapter 2 Assessment (and key) even though it has been removed from the forum? I would love to have it as a reference to create my own assessment. His from the last chapter was useful.


I would really appreciate it if you could explain how to get to that practice exam.

Also, would you still be willing to share your Unit 1 Chapter 2 Assessment (and key) even though they have been removed from the forum? I would love to have it as a reference to create my own assessment. The one you posted from the last chapter was excellent!


Lisha, I updated my post with the Study Guide and Test for Unit 1 Chapter 2. I gave links for both the assessment and answer key. Let me know if you have trouble finding it. This forum website is difficult for me to navigate. --Greg Saathoff


Here is the router log that goes with the Study Guide.



Here is the Router log that goes with the Assessment.



Hi @lisha.johnson,

Feel free to reach out to Doug directly so he can share the test with you.

We had to take it down because it contains questions that are locked down in Code Studio. Students could possibly find this forum and that would ruin the integrity of the test for many classrooms. We still love when teachers share resources and want the forum to be a place that still facilitates that type of sharing.




Hi Dani,

I am new to the forum. How do I reach Doug directly without using the forum?


@cdexter - You can actually send a personal message to people using the forum.

To send a personal message:

Hope that helps!



Will you be sharing assessments for Unit 2? I love the detail involved in your tests. Thank you so much


@dougmmcnally Hey Doug could you please link the answers for Unit 1 Chapter 2 assessment, thank you


Can someone please email me the Unit 1 Chapter 2 Test mlarrubia@columbushs.com Thanks in advance!!


@dougmmcnally @saathoff.gregory

Can you please please send me the answer key for the assessment if you have it if so email me