Unit 1 Chapter 2 Assessment (Lessons 8 to 14)


@garrylawson @mlarrubia

Can you please please send me the answer key for the assessment if you have it if so email me


https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xqvvXqQ8PWEryHmgXo5YieZ3Nx1GPS6Tqver93AP4kU/edit?usp=sharing student study guide

I made the above to go along with the Unit 1 Ch 2 with Code.org. Feel free to copy, use, adapt, share.


It seems that we are no longer able to message each other directly, for the direct sharing of files–is that correct?

I also was hoping that I might be able to take a look at the assessments and review material from @dougmmcnally and @saathoff.gregory . Do we have a protocol (haha!) for doing this?


You should still be able to send a personal message to anybody on this forum. Just click on their user id and there will be an option to message on the top right corner (blue box) in the window that pops up. There is an option to upload a file when messaging. So they should be able respond back to you with a file they would like to share.


Thank you! I could swear it wasn’t there when I posted earlier, but maybe I wasn’t signed in/had timed out.


Hi Gregory, could you please share this again, I tried to get but it says that it doesn’t exits.

Thanks in advance


Glad to see this heads up here to everybody! My students are taking the unit 1 test right now and a student actually emailed me the link to this (and one other) thread that he stumbled upon while looking up some other resources.

I wonder if there is a way to add a secured thread that only approved teachers can access for posting of assessment resources and answer keys…


@justin.feller it’s something that we’re looking into for exactly these reasons. Stay tuned!


Could you share a copy of the Unit 1 Chapter 2 assessment? I tried clicking the link, but I realized they were put down so other students couldn’t see.


Hi, @dani could you email me the unit 1 chapter 2 assessment at julia.u.5223@gmail.com? Thank you!


Hi @julia.u.5223 - You can find the Unit 1 Chapter 2 assessment in the Unit if you are a verified teacher. More information about becoming a verified taecher can be found at https://support.code.org/hc/en-us/articles/115001550131-Becoming-a-verified-teacher-CS-Principles-and-CS-Discoveries-only-