Unit 1 Lesson 1

Does anyone have any ideas that don’t involve water for this lesson?

For remote learning I didn’t now what students had access too so I gave them several different choices including a paper airplane, another was a paper structure that had to support a book, and another was a structure made out of dry spaghetti. Most of my students chose the paper airplane.

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When the 2020-21 curriculum comes out soon, there are some added activities that can be used in place of the tin foil boats, so stay tuned!



I just checked the curriculum and I did not see them. Is it possible to point my in that direction. I am planning for August.

I looked again and found it. I am thinking however, the suggestion of a paper airplane might work best since the students cannot work in a group.

That could definitely work. I could also see the spaghetti bridge, paper tower and even the newspaper table be done individually rather than in a group, but the airplane might be easier.

Hope you figure out what best will work for your students!


One thing I have done is an index card tower challenge. Here are the slides and activity guide I used and were adapted from resource on this site.