Unit 2, Lesson 5 Social Sleuth



Does anyone have “all” the answers to the Social Sleuth worksheet. I thought I had created the information with all three people, but I can’t find it. Anyone???



Thats just the thing - not ALL of the students have shared everything online and therefore some are better at practicing privacy than others. An exemplar is available on the first level of Unit 2 Lesson 5 under the “For Teachers Only” section, but it isn’t filled out completely because some information wasn’t shared online (which is a good thing!)




Yes, but the exemplar does not have all three people, just two. I will work on getting all three and post here.


Here are all the answers, at least that I was able to find for all three students. Please feel free to use and let me know if I missed something.
U2L05 Activity Guide - Social Sleuth - Exemplar All.docx (31.2 KB)