Unit 3 Lesson 18 Collisions Code stuck on Loading

I have a student KitKatKitty(Milla) working on the Animation and Game Design Unit within CS Discoveries. Milla has been working on the Flyer Game in Lesson 18 Collisions Level 13 and noticed that her code just stopped working and is hanging when run with Loading appearing in the top left corner. This happened to her about a week back and she had to restart her code from a prior level. Milla is using Mac Os Mojave and is seeing the problem with both Chrome and Safari browsers. As a teacher, I’m seeing the same thing when running her game. Her programs in other levels are working as expected. I have 12 other students in that same section and their code is working as expected.

Link to Project

What I expect to happen: [Student creating a version of the Flyer Game]
What actually happens: [Nothing runs and Loading appears on the Top Left]
What I’ve tried: [Tried restarting computer and used different browsers. It behaves the same on teacher computer.]

Hi Nisanti!

A bit baffling at first but nothing ran even if I removed everything except the var sprites, draw loop, and drawSprite. I noticed there was an empty sprite on the animation tab named “bot”. I deleted that and everything worked. Try that and see if it works for you.


Thank you! That worked!