Unit 3 Skills Check (3.2-3.4)


Attached is a short skills check of lessons 3.2-3.4 (drawing shapes in game lab)

Unit 3 Shapes Skills Check.docx (31.7 KB)

Unit 3 Final Assessment

Thanks! Do you have a solution for this or example?


I can send you a key - I know we are not suppose to post answers on the forum


That would be great! Thank you!


I tried to send a message but don’t know if it worked so let me know.


Hey lady! I can’t open it, it’s not a link to anything.


Yay, it worked! Thanks girl!


Glad we found a way to get you the information!


Would you mind sending me the key as well? I definitely want to use this!


Would you also be willing to send me a key as well?


So great to find this here. Exactly what I was hoping to find. Thanks


I would love a copy of the key! Thanks


Would you please send me an answer key to this skills check?

Thank you!


Unit 3 Shapes Skills Check Answer Key.docx (33.4 KB)
Please let me know if this does not work.