Unit 4: Topics I can help others understand


As part of the online PD for this unit, think about what topics from Unit 4 can you help other teachers with. These could range from content to strategies for delivery.


I think we can work with MS Excel, how to obtain summary information, data extraction and selection, basic sorting, etc. We can work with the Data Analysis Tool. Also, we can learn how link Excel worksheets with MS Access Data Base, where we can use to perform basic analysis, reports, data summary, etc.


Having some basic knowledge of MS Excel, I am comfortable using Google sheets for data analysis and sorting and searching for specific data types. I can also guide others with understanding pivot tables and how data can be extracted using specific criteria.


I understand the basics of Google Sheets: various formulas, producing data graphs/charts, etc. I should be able to help others who plan to use Google Sheets. I highly recommend that people use Google Sheets instead of Microsoft Excel simply for the cloud based collaborative potential.


I think that most teachers are good with the concepts of spread Sheets and how to put in the data and and create the visualizations. My background in IT as a communications engineer and cisco technician, and firewall engineer lends itself to the questions and application of Moore’s law, the manipulation of big data, as well as its possible lose or security attacks. I would be glad to help provide real world examples of all of these things to help stimulate students interest.


It’s going to be a relief to many teachers that the primary tool for this unit is Excel / Spreadsheets! Handling large amounts of data can be intimidating, especially when conclusions have to be drawn from it.


I can help others understand data visualizations. There are many resources available, that the students can use and be exposed to, where they can perform basic analysis. I understand and use MS Excel and Google Sheets often.


I understand Excel & Google Spreadsheets so I could help with the graphs and analysis from the data


I have a bit of experience teaching a data unit to 9th graders in Algebra 1 as part of the Mobilize project, so I know the general sequencing of the lessons and how they support each other.


I enjoy working with data and Excel. I currently use Google Sheets however, I still prefer using Excel. I used to use Tinker plots and Fathom for dynamic data collection, analysis, and presentation. I also enjoy working with data mathematically. I have to remember to check all links to online surveys before the day of the lesson. I am not 100% sure how I can help others, but I will share my experiences as we journey through the lessons in Unit 4.


I’m familiar with Excel. I wish that I was still teaching a course in statistics so I could incorporate these modules into my lessons.


I understand the basics of MS Excel, Google sheets and MS Access Database. I should be able to help other teachers


I should be able to help with understanding trends and patterns within big data


I have quite a bit of experience using Excel to analyze large data sets of student data.


I have taught AP Statistics for many years and have attended some pd on data visualizations. I have lots of resources and tools. I also recently worked on the Massachusetts Digital Literacy and Computational Thinking standards and my focus was the data strand in computational thinking. If anyone has questions how to connect some of it to state standards beyond the AP CSP standards I would be willing to give some direction.


I’m pretty good with excel, and I teach about data and statistics to algebra 1, geometry, and algebra 2 students.


I think that studying SAS predictive modeling, business analytics, and business intelligence will help teachers in many ways to understand how big data works. Also, another resource is www.hadoop.com
I hope this helps!



I’m fairly comfortable with Excel, so can help teachers who are not as familiar.


I am comfortable using excel to record data, inserting various functions, and creating charts.


I have done some work with excel and I can help with analyzing data. I use Google spreadsheets but I prefer Excel.