Unit 4: Topics I would like help with from this unit


As part of the online PD for this unit, consider what topics do you want help with in Unit 4. These could be related to anything from content to delivery to pacing-- whatever you’d like advice about!


One area I would like to explore is Summary Tables, Rapid Research and Data Innovations . Also, I would like to know if there is a better performance in data analytics using MS Excel or Google Sheets. Do the students have a prefered one?


I would like to know more about Big Data and how it affects us (positive or negative). How can I have my students related to Big Data using Unit 4 as a guiding learning tool?


I would like help with how to best layout the explore performance task with the students. If anyone has samples of exemplary PTs please do share. My students would benefit from seeing examples of what is expected.


I am ok with spread sheets but not on a very high level. I wouldn’t mind learning a little more about creating cell formulas and other little tricks to get even better with them.


I’d like to see much of this content introduced much earlier next year so we can talk about data and its impacts on society throughout more of the year. I also wonder if some of the internet lessons might be a chance to practice some of these skills.


I understand the basics of MS Excel, Google sheets and MS Access Data Base and I should be able to help other teachers


I would like help with cleaning the data. I thought I understood during the PD but now that I’m going back over it, I realize I still have questions.


hey @tschlotterback! any specific questions or things you want to talk about with respect to cleaning data?


I have never used Google Sheets and know just the basic operations in Excel.


Will need help with Google sheets.


I’ll probably have the students use Google Sheets instead of Excel and I have little experience using it. May need some help.


I think cleaning data is what I have the least experience on and may need some help with that.


I don’t know much about google sheets and may need a bit of help with that.


While having extensive practice with Excel, I don’t have much practice with Google Sheets, so not sure if what I am used to is in Google. Also, the pacing, as always, is a big question.


I think I’ll mostly need to get used to the transition from programming to data. Similar to ECS, the programming unit is followed by a data unit. The programming unit is so routine and hands-on, it’s difficult to switch gears suddenly into something that’s rather abstract for students and somewhat new (at least as an explicit academic unit) for me (and I’m guessing many other teachers).


I am not familiar with Google Sheets. If I were to use this in the classroom, I could probably use an introduction on how to use it.


Google sheets would be more convenient for students to share their work but I don’t know if it has all the capabilities as Excel does.