Unit 5 Lessons 1 and 2 Chaser Game


So when grading the assignment at the end of Unit 1 and 2, I noticed that students who had completed lesson 2 I could no longer access their lesson 1 chaser game. It went automatically into lesson 2’s result. I was hoping that they would be two separate assignments to grade and not continue off one another. It makes assessing their understanding a bit difficult. Also, I found the directions to not be completely clear or reasonable if the item is clicked or mouse move. Anyone else have that issue?


@kimberly_l_gustin Thanks for raising your concern. Lesson 2 is design to scaffold on the skills learned in lesson 1. U5L1 code is transferred to lesson 2 to complete the application. Therefore the code from lesson 1 shows the progress completed in lesson 2. I will pass the request to access lesson 1’s progress only to the curriculum team.