Unit 5 Online PD Discussion: Create Challenge


Use this space to talk about the Online PD you’ve done with the Create Task


The visualization that I created:


A link to my artifact: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-xLpgW6jW1Pai1iRlEyT0JIaU0/view?usp=sharing

I want my students to do well on this task without having to go back and consistently be reminding about certain codes. I will include more formative assessments beyond the PT integrated throughout the units that make them create on their own without guidance /prompting. I will also introduce visualizations earlier on along with This activity should not be difficult for students if they have captured really good notes while exploring coding units. It will be helpful to them to have a reference guide that they create for themselves to help solidify ideas. Students also need to understand the requirements needed for this task. Therefore, I will continue to teach Academic Language so that students are familiar with the terminology.

I enjoyed the ability to create anything and for students to be able to explore whatever interests they choose with coding. This task allows for exploration and creativity. I also enjoy how the task prompts students to explain their code. This will be helpful for students when writing their final code.


AP Computer Science Principles Performance Task.pdf (157.4 KB)

I did the create challenge. I wrote a rock, paper, scissors program and went through the entire process of creating the video and PDF. The most challenging part was coming up with a program that met the requirements of the task. It took several programs before I settled on the RPS program, which only barely meets the requirements, if at all. I spent much more than two hours on this, but wanted the full experience so I can better guide my students. The attached PDF has a link to the video and answers to questions 2a-e. I don’t think you can see the video if you are not in LAUSD due to google drive sharing restrictions so I am attaching several screen shots of the game in play.


I took a “Chihuhua or Blueberry Muffin?” meme and turned it into a guessing game in which when you guess correctly, your score increases by a point.

Link to program: https://studio.code.org/projects/applab/ya_9Q51A5ZemdQU5cLcasw

Code and written response: sample.pdf (45.5 KB)

The difficulty I had (and that my students had when I tried this this year) was being able to precisely identify and describe what’s asked based on the vocabulary - particularly words like “algorithm” and “abstraction”. I have general ideas of what these mean, but I can see someone pointing to a given piece of code and being able to justify it as an algorithm. I believe these definitions are a bit loose and there’s good reason for that, but that leaves a bit of apprehension in me when I’m being judged on whether I “correctly” explained how I had an algorithm in an algorithm.


I like the intuitive interface and the hilarious images. How did you know I look like a rectangular yellow brick :o0


My create video and write-up paragraph (since I didn’t narrate my video):
HPCreateVideoandDescription.pdf (28.7 KB)

I extended my clicker game a bit from Unit 3 by adding a timer function as well as a couple of functions that work together to reset the chameleon Pascal to a random size/location/image. To do that I created some Pascal objects (which wasn’t covered in our unit 3, but you could probably use a few carefully indexed arrays to also track the information) to help manage complexity. I did this because I wanted to push myself like I my students should be pushing themselves on this project. If you don’t know and are curious, and object is basically a special type of variable that allows you to store many characteristics (both numerical or strings or both) of the object. I also reacquainted myself with switch statements which work similarly to if/else-if statements. So those were challenges for me…for my students I would anticipate that some would have trouble thinking of a project they would like to create and will spend too much time brainstorming. I also anticipate some trouble being able to do video captures at my school because my district put a lot of restrictions on software downloads this year. I will make sure to try that out/get necessary permissions early in the year, but that may be something for others to be mindful of as well. In general I really enjoyed getting to work on my program…I really like figuring how to put the pieces together to make my whole product.


I decided to work on a program and go through the video process. It was really helpful to see what the student experience would be like.



As a class we explored the various was to create videos for performance tasks. The students were creative and used all types of recording devices. I was an interesting lesson and the students all seamed to enjoy.