Unsubmitted in Reports for Assessments


Why do some students show an unsubmitted on questions? I am monitoring a student making up a test and it looks strange to see this. See screen shot.


Not sure! I have forwarded this to the CSP team. You should hear from them.


Hi @carmichaelc,

It looks like you haven’t received a response on this forum yet. Have you received a response through private message or email? Assuming you haven’t, I suggest contacting the code.org staff directly by logging into code.org, going to the upper-right menu and clicking “Report a bug” and filling out that form with the info you reported here.

Do you know what the student actually submitted for those responses? I see in the screen shot some answers are blank, and assuming it’s not a free response, it’s either marked “incorrect” or “unsubmitted”. I too am puzzled by the inconsistency.

Also it sounded like you were viewing those responses while the student was completing the assessment. I’m not sure how actively those results are updated, but I’m guessing the problem still persisted when you checked after the student completed the assessment?


Hey @carmichaelc I agree you should submit a bug report but my assumption is that means your student just hasn’t actually hit “Submit” on the last level of the assessment. Do you know if that was the case?


@frank_w_lee and @gtwrobel, thanks for your help. I submitted a bug.