Uploading a class using Google Classroom

Anyone out there know how / why I am not getting the prompt to upload a class from my Google Classroom. I use the same email, make sure I am logged into Google Chrome, but still don’t get any prompt asking to use Google Classroom. Unfortunately the folks at Code.org haven’t been very helpful.

Teacher Mike

Hi @michael.mccarter,

It sounds like you have probably done everything I would recommend. You have clicked on “Create a Section” from your dashboard and made sure your code.org email is the same as your Google Classroom email. This is probably not the case but the Google sync option can often be out of the screen - here is a video of what I mean. As I said, this may be a longshot. And one other suggestion (and this one looks a little more promising), this support article states you can also go to your account settings to connect Code.org to Google.

Hope these options help but if not, you’ll need to reach out to support@code.org so they can take a look at your account.


Hi Michelle,
Thanks for your email in response to my query. Unfortunately, I don’t even get an option to scroll down in that window.

And, unfortunately, I’ve tried logging out and using that very support article to try a new browser window. Still, nothing.

So, thanks very much for your help.

Honestly I’m pretty disappointed in Code.org for their lack of assistance.

I really appreciate your help.

Mike McCarter

Hi Again Michelle,
It’s all good. Josh from Code.org helped me to locate what I was missing.

Thanks again for your help.

Mike McCarter

Oh …that’s great! I’m so glad it was resolved!