Virtual learning tips by unit for CSP 20-21?

'20-'21 will be by second year teaching CSP. Our school will be fully remote to start the school year, and I’m looking for guidance from or other CSP teachers on how to adapt each unit to fully remote learning.

I saw a post from March in which provided tips per unit on how to finish the '19-'20 school year under remote learning, so now I’m looking for something similar for starting an entire new school year.


@rhodge This is a great place to see what other ideas people have in our community about “going virtual” next year.

Keep in mind, will be creating some guidance on this which will be released later this summer. We are offering a “sneak peek” in a webinar next week - you can register for the webinar on our Course Updates page.


Awesome, thanks @kaitie. I’ll register for the webinar. We start school August 11, so “later this summer” can’t come soon enough :slight_smile:

This may be WAY out there but I’m thinking of starting with Unit 3, doing the programming stuff first and then jump back to Unit 1 and 2. I feel Unit 1 and 2 are very in-person and loosely connected to the programming, but essential overall content. I feel Unit 3 would be better in a virtual setting and then praying we’re all back in school in January, but it may not be until March when we hit Units 1 and 2.

Do you think it could work? Anyone willing to Pros and Cons with me?

We start in-person school August 31, but we are told there can be NO cooperative learning, so it makes units 1 and 2 hard to do, unless is going to provide adaptation for in-person but non-paired learning — which is really against the whole philosophy of the program! But YES, I like your idea of starting with Unit 3.

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I was told there are virtual learning adaptations provided for all lessons in Unit 1, 2 and 3 in the lesson plans for each lesson. I looked at the first one, the Technology Innovation, and the adaptation was for each student to do a slide in a Google slideshow on their own. While this is a good adaptation, I’m weighing the opportunity costs. I feel the lesson is more impactful as a group lesson and therefore feel its important to wait.

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@jlaw one of the reasons why we start the year NOT programming is because once we get to programming, some students have some prior experiences that can make other students feel inferior or “less good” than other students. This gap might be exasperated by students who are working at home remotely who might have families who can help them. That would be one reason to start with Unit 1 instead of Unit 3 this fall.

It looks like you have already found the modifications for virtual and socially-distanced classrooms, but you might want to check out this webinar (linked in the forum post) which talks about HOW to use the resources.