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Hi! My name is Michelle, I am from Mexico City, I’m 31 years old and I am an ESL and EFL teacher at a private elementary school in my city.
I usually teach 3rd to 6th grade, but in the after school program I have up to 9th grade.
I’m very interested in learning about code because this is not the future of teaching anymore, it’s the present! It is very important that, as teachers, we are prepared for all the technology our students have access to and introduce them to technology they aren’t using yet.

I don’t usually use my social media for many teaching purposes, but I do like to upload some things to my IG @michelleambrollins
I am crazy about animals, tattoos, wrestling, and teaching of course.

This is me


Hi. I’m an industrial engineer turned homeschool mom. Would like my kids (5&7) be exposed to computer science early on. Found code.org and hope this give us a nice start. Best regards!


My name is Art Spencer. I live and work in Auburn, WA, USA. I teach pre-school through fifth grade as the building Teacher Librarian at my school. I’ve done Hour of Code for years, and thought I’d dive in a bit deeper finally.

Twitter: @bookvoyages

I usually get vanilla ice cream, but with mix ins if available!


I am a computer scientist who likes to teach especially using a computer. I’ve programmed in many traditional languages and wrote games as a kid. I am retired now but want to create an additive game to teach language skills quicker and more all encompassing.:slight_smile:


Hi. I’m Janine.I work in the Greater Toronto area in Ontario.I teach at the university level mostly to computer consultants but I love teaching computer science to beginners of any age.I would like to be part of this community to collaborate with people interested in teaching using computer games.


Hi my name is Chere and I teach at a college preparatory school in Jackson MS. I will be teaching a 9 week course on intro to computer programming course for the 7th grade. The students will complete the express course will a little amendment and end with a project to compliment what they understood through the course. I am fairly new to computer science and look for resources and advice daily.

Would love to go to a Code.org professional develop workshop.


Hi Chere! Sounds like you have a great plan in place. You can request a local workshop via this link: https://studio.code.org/pd/regional_partner_contact/new


HI my name is Michele Hagood and I teach BIM I, AV Technology, DC BCIS and Accounting I ( grade level 9-12).
Last school year during the last three weeks of school we concentrated on coding. 80 of my students log into code.org and completed several sections of CS Principles. We had a great time learning my students completed the app lab and enjoyed the activity very much. This school year I hope to have them work on code.org during the school year on Fridays or Mondays. I am interesting in being part of this community to increase my knowledge of coding and to collaborate with other teachers who love learning as well.


Hi all!
My name is Debra and I am new to teaching computer science this year. I was previously the librarian at our K-4 elementary school here in Cedar Lake, IN. About 4-5 years ago, I discovered the magic that is Makerspace! I decided this was something our students desperately needed and through all my work researching, developing and creating new activities for it, I found that technology was something that really got me excited, especially teaching the kids about what they can do with it, so moving to teaching computers was a natural fit! I am really looking forward to this new adventure and working with folks who see the importance of bringing computer science to our kids so they are prepared for the future!


Hi, my name is Guruh Nusantara.

Im from Indonesia. I teach kindergarten, elementary and junior highschool student for code programming. I usually do design and have little basic on programming, and I think this community is a right place to start catch up my learning on programming and how to teach it to my student.

Its nice to be here, thank you :wink:


Hi. I am Heather. I am a high school math teacher. While I don’t teach computer science, I plan to co-advise a new girls who code club this year. My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip/


I am Michael David, a substitute teacher on the Waiʻanae coast of Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi (where the tourist buses don’t go). I prefer teaching high school math and science, and take some tutoring jobs as well.

My dad was an early computer programmer after WW2, and I grew up using fanfold printouts and punched cards as scratch paper. I worked in publishing, while it was transitioning to a computer-based business, became a general-purpose geek, fixed computers, ran a dialup internet provider, all the while having to write and tweak various bits of code.

I’d like to integrate coding into all that, so here I am. I put a pin on the map, so now Hawaiʻi has a total of two pins. Hm.



Hello I am Kyle. I am a teacher in Vancouver Canada 4/5 we run a bring your own device program so code.org is awesome! I am excited to use this program more in the fall!


Hello, My name is Cheryl Bobo and I am a retired educator, and now serving as a Technology Leader for all things digital in a small district in Southeast Alaska. I support classroom teachers to implement computer science and computer literacy into their content areas. We have been providing teacher summer camps for 6 years to encourage networking, increasing capacity for teaching STEM skills and practicing/ honing our teaching skills. Alaska is a new Regional Partner for Code.org and I will serve as the Project Manager as we deploy this across Alaska. I thought a great place to start was to go through these courses to better understand what our teachers will experience. I also hope to see the online option more available to those who cant trek to larger Coe.org venues from our remote Alaska locations.

We have good start on STEM education in or SE Alaska schools but computer science courses will be new to many. This forum should be just the place for my teachers to find other learning right along with them.

Twitter @cbobo


Hi, my name is Josephine. I live in Albania. I am a TEFL volunteer in the Peace Corps. The school I work with is starting an All Girls Coding Course. We are very excited to use this platform to teach coding to the teachers who can intern teach it to the students year after year.


Hi, I’m Dennis Wilson. I’m about to start a program through the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology to teach coding to middle and high school students. I’m really interested in anything that can help me increase student interest in the subject of computer science and STEM in general.


Hi there,
My name is Adam.
I live in Denmark and homeschool 2 kids aged 6 and 8.
I would have loved to have learned to code myself but have never got aroud to do it. Now I have the chance to explore coding and maybe learn it myself along with my kids.


Tengan todas y todos mis mayores augurios de éxito, mi nombre es Giovanni González, vivo en Bolivia, ciudad Cochabamba, facilito conocimientos desde hace 20 años, las ntics son una necesidad por eso quiero contribuir a la presente comunidad.


Hi everyone,
My name is Aman Tugnawat I am a Graduate student from University of Rochester, New York.
I am doing my Master’s in Technical Entrepreneurship and Management.
That’s basically a dual major in Computer Science Engineering and Business Management.
Also I did my bachelors in Engineering physics.

Github Portfolio

I have been a volunteer to events under the umbrella of code.org, google.org and Microsofts code.fun.do.
I have also organised Google I/0 Extended 2018. I think of myself a Googler in the San Francisco Bay area.
And I wanna be an elementary school teacher when I graduate, any guidance would be really appreciated.

I graduate in Dec 2018. And I have already completed the necessary credits for my program hence independent student and research in California.

My details:
email: aman.tugnawat@rochester.edu
LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amantugnawat
Patreon https://www.patreon.com/mangodevs
Text: +1(585)451-6989
Mango Developers Student Group (5 years+ old now)(https://mangodevelopers.com)]


This is me visually

this is one of my experience as student group who loves help everyone learn.