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Hi, I am Mrs. H. I teach eighth graders American History, and this year I am also teaching a Leadership course. I teach in Pennsylvania. I have used some of the Hour of Code activities with my students, and am looking forward to learning more about coding. I am interested in tying some of the debugging and coding activities into lessons about problem solving with real world scenarios.



Super excited to start this course! Currently I teach High School Math in St. Louis, MO.



Hello, I am Scott Varner. I am a database developer turned Chief Technology Officer for Frederick County, Virginia. I have a 6 year old daughter that I have been teaching to code. A colleague recommended Code.org as a resource. It’s one thing to know how to code and another to know how to teach it. I would like to start an after school coding club at my daughter’s school. Looking forward to learning from all of you.



Hi, I am Darelynn Fung. I have been teacher instrumental music for 26 years and this year took on an 8th grade Technology Education course. Looking forward to adding a new subject to the mix.



My name is Loftur and I am from Iceland. I teach at a secondary school… upper secondary school (fjölbraut - they are 16-19)
I mostly teach English though I also teach information technology and such - I am interested in this because I am interested in coding.



Hello! My name is Jonathan. I am a middle school teacher in Georgia, U.S. I have had some students requesting a class to learn coding. I decided to try to learn it myself in hopes of teaching it to a class.



Welcome Pat!

Glad you are modeling growth mindset for your students! You might be interested in applying for the middle school professional development program. Applications for next year are now open! You can learn more here: https://code.org/educate/professional-learning/middle-high



My name is Subrenia and I’m an elementary teacher in a title 1 school in Dumfries, Virginia. I’ve been teaching for 15 years in a variety of grades and am currently teaching 2nd grade. I am excited about introducing basic coding to my students.



Welcome Subrenia-

We love to see experienced educators offer coding to their students! If you need in-person support, please make sure to reach out to our Regional Partner in Virgina, CodeVA https://www.codevirginia.org/





Hi! My name is Alisha and I live in Georgia! This year I teach First Grade co-teaching and 5th Grade Resource. I am in the process of getting my Specialist in Instructional Technology. I can’t wait to learn more about coding!



My name is Trish and I am in Florida. I am a School Library Media Specialist and have been “dabbling” in coding for a few years now, but really want to understand the process better. I want to integrate more of the computer sciences into my curriculum and this seemed a good place to start! I have been teaching in a K-6 elementary school for 30 years and I am still learning new tools to share with my students. Looking forward to using the resources.



Hi there!
My name is Kerri Hardy from Aurora, Ontario, Canada.
I am a teacher librarian at a k-8 school.
I did this a little backwards and have been using the CS fundamentals course with the grade 6 students that I teach and now I am taking the course. I’m hoping that I get some more insight for how to encourage other teachers at my school to take the coding plunge.
I am amazed at how much my students have grown in their perseverance, problem solving and willingness to try challenging things. The best are the discussions after when we relate it to other areas in our lives ie math, art, any other area :slight_smile:
I tell them all the time…They are going to grow up to be the app creators…not just the app consumers!

Love to @code.org from Canada
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Hello! My name is Richard Byrd and I am a 4th/5th grade elementary teacher in Ojai, California. I’m interested in taking part in this community so as to help enrich my understanding of computer sciences in the classroom. Thus, helping to enrich my students’ understanding of computer sciences as well.



Hi, my name is Nadezha M. Jimenez; I live in Dominican Republic and teach in a private school named Colegio Dominicano De La Salle. I am a computer teacher 3rd to 6th grade



Welcome Kerri!

Have you checked out our CS Discoveries curriculum for Middle School? https://code.org/educate/csd


  • Your name-----------------> Kelly
  • Where you live/work-------> oficially unemployed but actually doing home care and teaching 7 year old son skills development in computing,english and math.He has little difficulties in concentratition and memorizing he dosen’t like to study .
  • What grade you teach ---------->kinggarden to 4k.
  • Why you’re interested in being part of this community ----------->
    I’m collecting more experiences as possible to improve my knowledgment and I’m doing researches and a classrroom plan to teach children with hyperactivity,low self esteem and
    uninterested in studying.Actually listing practical exercises related to programming skills!!! that’s the point !! if anyone would help sharing ideas for practicals indoor,outdoor,alone, or in group, free, or guided might be great!!!
    My skills -----------------------------> Bachalor’s degree Information Systems worked as helpdesk,english teacher and babbysitting


My name is Sundra and I am a teacher in the Shelby County Schools System. I am excited to learn more about coding so that I can share the abundance of information with my students.



Greetings All,

I am Jenn Wheeler from Spokane Washington. I run a STEAMLab for K-6th grade students. I am looking for folks with similar jobs so we can collaborate.

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Привет! Меня зовут Елена.Я живу в Украине. Мне 36 лет. У меня есть сын. Ему 10 лет. Я с мужем более 10 лет работаю в сфере информационных технологий. Сейчас у моего мужа не большая фирма по предоставлению IT услуг. Недавно я заметила, что в нашем городе не так много уделяют внимания развитию компьютерной грамотности у детей. То есть, уроки информатики в школах есть, но там даются поверхностные знания. Поэтому в сентябре прошлого года я открыла частные курсы по обучению компьютерной грамотности в моем городе. На данный момент у меня обучается 17 учеников, среди которых и мой сын. Пока я обучаю их пользованию компьютером и разным интересным функциям.
Приблизительно 2 года назад я узнала про code.org. Мой сын очень любил проходить задания по игре Minecraft. Поэтому я захотела проводить такие занятия по программированию и для других детей нашего города.
Так как у меня нет образования педагога и занимаюсь я этой деятельностью как самоучка, мне интересны любые курсы, которые бы могли повысить мой уровень в преподавании.
Буду рада новым знакомствам, а также, советам.


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My name is Kim Holley and I work in Salt Lake City, Utah. I teach math and science in third grade. I think it is important for my students to learn computer science, and I want to improve my lessons!