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My name is Tara Macaulay. I live in Riverside, CA, and work at Del Sol Academy, a brand new K-8 STEAM school in the Jurupa Unified School District. I will be teaching Grades 6-8 Coding, Robotics, 3-D Printing and Physical Education, so will be on here for advice, tips and tricks! =)


Good Morning! My name is Sandy Ketterling and I am a High School Math Teacher. I am just started the Coding journey, so I thought I would start at the beginning.

I teach at Red Lake High School, which is on the Red Lake Indian Reservation in Minnesota. We are a public school.

I am looking forward to teaching coding to my students!


Hi, Scott:
My name is Anselm, I’m a senior programmer at Alibaba. Maybe I can help you on computer skills.
My email: anselm009@126.com


Hi everyone,
My english name is Anselm, I’m from Hangzhou, China. I worked as a senior programmer at Alibaba. My programming language is C/Python/Golang. I have a son and a niece 7 years old, and I want to teach them computer science myself by using the resources at code.org. I also want to communicate with computer science teachers from world wide.

E-mail: anselm009@126.com


Hi, my name is Michelle and I teach at an alternative school in Arkansas. I currently teach 6-12 Math, and a slew of electives. I am the tech guru for my building and when we were asked if there were any electives that we could teach, I jumped at the chance to offer Computer Science with Coding for my students.I am starting with Code.org as I have played with the Hour of Code for a couple years now. I am super excited to start this journey and look forward to learning new skills to pass on to my kids.


I’m Mili, from Mumbai, India.
Currently I’m a Teacher Trainer and School Consultant.
I love infusing emerging technologies, research and gadgets as a tool to support teaching and learning and hence here I am.
I’m quiet a rookie when it comes to Coding but looks like I’ll master it soon!


Hi. I’m Tina Kovach from Cleveland, Ohio. I am starting a computer science class at a Montessori school in Tremont, which is part of the Cleveland Metropolitan School district. I’ve participated in Hour of Code for the last four years, but I really want to dig deep to prepare for my new position. I will have students from pre-kindergarten to 8th grade. You can follow me on Twitter @ubeme I just cleaned up my computer and removed all my class photos. All I have left is our mascot, the panther (:


Hello everyone, my name is Marina and Im from Karachi, Pakistan. Im doing my undergrad in computer science, and designing a computational thinking curriculum for grade one students as part of my summer internship. I will be visiting the school once a week after summer to teach as well. It is exciting to be part of this global community - I look forward to growing in this field and learning from all of you.

You can reach out to me over email (marina.shehzad@hotmail.com) or LinkedIn or Instagram etc.


My name is Liv (leaf) Perry. I teach in Morrisville, Vermont, USA. I am the Library/Media Specialist for our school of about 275 kids that serves K-4. I’ve done Hour of Code with all my students a few times, got a little more into coding with some Finch robots this year, and want to try out having my students access Code.org courses, whether in their classrooms or while they’re in the library with me. I want to do this K-5 course so I can promote taking it to my school’s faculty and for them to use Code.org.


My name is Lori Dupree I’m from Metairie, Louisiana. (Just outside of New Orleans.) I work at Kenner Discovery a pk-12 open enrollment charter school. I’ve been teaching computer studies (exclusively) for the past 5 years. Next year I will teach computer studies to 1st-6th graders. My students and I have been participating in Hour of Code for the past 4 years. I learned last Friday that I will be teaching a 5th grade and a 6th grade elective class next year, so I hope to learn enough over the summer to teach my students more advanced coding!
Here’s to new adventures! Oh, and definitely chocolate ice cream with any type of nuts!


Hey! My name is Cris, and I teach 1st grade at a private school in Texas. I love technology (minored in Computer Information Systems) and coding, and I want to expose the kids I teach to this wonderful world! Hopefully, it will impact them enough to make a career out of it someday. I plan to start an after school coding club next school year for Kinder through 7th grade, once or twice a week. I have some experience with Java but am looking forward to learning other languages with the help of this site.
As for favorite ice cream - Rocky Road all the way!


Hi, My name is Caz and I am the resource development coordinator at Redwood College in QLD Australia. We currently are a school of distance education so are looking for innovative ways to connect our students with solid learning about digital technology.


Hi! My name is Catherine. My 20 years of teaching included multiple grade levels and subjects before I took the leap to gifted education and eventually transitioned to a makerspace facilitator for the new Pike Road School System in Alabama where I empower learners through passion driven World Changer projects that are designed around ISTE standards. Our school system’s mission is to create a culture of intellectual curiosity where all students have ownership over their learning and are inspired to think, innovate, and create. One way I work towards this goal is to guide my learners through the Code.org Fundamentals Express Course and assign several Scratch projects to further develop the basic blockly coding skills introduced in Code.org. As of now, I will continue facilitating the 6th grade makerspace this upcoming school year, but I am advocating for a computer science elective and robotics elective for all interested middle school learners.

I might be best known by my students for the phrase, “Be producers, not just consumers.”



Hello! My name is Eric Bloom and I am a K-6 STEM and computers teacher at Mountain View Christian School in Las Vegas, NV.

I am interested in learning more about computer science, coding, and how I can implement code.org into my classroom curriculum.



I am Taylor Honkala. I live in Warrensburg, MO and work in Knob Noster, MO. I teach 5th grade. I was asked to take on some computer science/coding roles with our RTI program as part of an enrichment group, but I have a fairly limited understanding of coding, much less how to go about teaching it!


Hi! My name is Debbie Greenman. I teach in Spokane, WA. For the past 14 years, I have taught 3rd grade. Next year I will be moving to 4th grade. For the past three years, I have been a facilitator for an after school school Computer Code Club for 3-6th graders. I also use Khan Academy in my classroom with Code.org for many of my students. I would like to learn more so that I can stay one step ahead of my students (or at least know how to help them find help).


Hi, my name is Amy Shook and I am a Florida educator. I teach 4th and 5th ELA as well as gifted at a small public school in Yankeetown, FL. I am new to coding myself, so I am learning what I can now in order to use this platform to teach my gifted students next year. Oh, and my favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate peanut butter!!


My name is Lori Abernethy. I live just outside of Philadelphia in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and I am a Digital Literacy teacher in the School District of Philadelphia. I teach grades K-6 and have used the Code.org resources with my students for a few years now. I have a BS in Elementary Education and my master’s in Technology Education but neither have any in depth study of coding or computer basics for that matter. I’ve been teaching in Philadelphia for 25 years. This summer I want to move past my limited coding knowledge and really dig-in so my students can benefit from my expanded coding knowledge when we start up again in August.

You can find me on Twitter: @digiteachlori


I am passionate about teaching computer science
and I am very happy to be an active part of this creative community
Become more aware
When you teach everywhere


Hi there!

My name is Jessica and I’m a first year teacher.

I teach in Manitoba, Canada. I’m new to the world of Computer Science and would love to learn more in order to implement it into my classroom for September 2018.