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Hi y’all, my name is Martha L Peña, I’m the Library Media Specialist at Long Elementary Library in Harlingen, Texas, which is in deep South Texas .My classes range from PK - 5th grade. I am trying to incorporate coding for our Maker Space centers. I have had classes participate in the Hour of Code" a couple of times, but want to make sure I am conducting it correctly or better. I want to make sure our kiddos get a chance to learn how to code. I did take a few programming courses ‘a million years ago in high school,’ but want to keep up to date. These classas are way cooler than when I took them previously. Favorite ice cream flavor = Pistachio Almond!


Good Morning, I am bad I writing about myself so I just Copy and pasted the questions so i can answer them here.

- Your name Darryl
- Where you live/work I live in Chicago and work at a private day care as the School age Program Coordinator
- What grade you teach K-7
- Why you’re interested in being part of this community I’m fairly tech savvy, but I don’t know much about the coding/programming aspect and it is something I’d like to bring to my program.


My name is Twilla (pronounced with a long i). I live in a small rural South Georgia town. I am a teacher at a K-5 elementary school. I have been teaching for 27 years. I’ve taught in 3rd grade and 5th grade. I’ve been an ESOL teacher in grades K-5. I have a Master’s of Ed. in Instructional Technology and this year I am teaching in the Computer Lab. Our goal is to teach students K-5 the benefits of learning to code/program in hopes of preparing them for a future in Computer Science. I am interested in being a part of this community because I have no guidelines to follow for teaching these skills.


Hi - I’m Emily Fincher - I live in a small town in South Georgia. We are lucky to have resources - but with the internet, we have access to a lot more!

I am the Media Specialist at a Primary School. I taught first, second and third previously.

I have always been a computer fanatic, but down here, it is hard to find others!



Hi I’m Donna and I teach K-8 at Brevard Academy. I teach Alice Animation each Summer at our county library. I love chocolate ice cream.



Welcome to the community! I know the earlier editions of ECS used Alice instead of Scratch so you might want to try and hunt those down so you can see how they infused Equity and Inquiry into Alice lessons.

Great to have you aboard!



Online there are plenty of computer fanatics, so welcome! The Code.org Computer Science Fundamentals course has plenty to offer for the primary grades, and as the Media Specialist, you could potentially enroll all the students in different classes and monitor there process giving out stickers and helping when needed.

Great to have you aboard,




Welcome! I’m finishing my Masters in Instructional Technology and have spent many years in the computer lab - excited for whats ahead! The Code.org Computer Science Fundamentals course is a great place to start and then using ISTE and CSTA standards to help guide your planning.

Great to have you aboard!


My name is Loreli. I am a school librarian in an elementary school. I introduced Hour of Code a few years ago and now we have an explosion of learners trying code. This year I want to do something more organized.
Excited to code!


Hi all!!!

My name is Monica and I live on the central coast of California. Put your finger half way between San Francisco and LA, and that’s probably going to get you in my neck of the woods.

I am a new to teaching computers to Transitional Kindergarten - Second Grade. I’m trying to find a balance between what is developmentally appropriate for my students and the Common Core standards, which is a challenge. I have four year olds that have hands smaller than the mouse they are required to use.

I’m hoping to be a part of this community to just to bounce and share ideas with other teachers. I’m extremely new to coding, having taken my first basic workshop this past June. It was fabulous and I’m ready to get started, but I only see students for 25 minute sessions (once they walk over, sit down and get directions). So any help that anyone has for a first year computer teacher is gratefully accepted and appreciated!!!

I am still needing to set up a teacher profile for social media, so I’ll get that up when I’m done. Not able to post a picture yet and I love the old Thrifty’s peanut butter chocolate ice cream. Then one that was a chocolate ice cream with a peanut butter cream running through it.

Excited to be here!!!



My name is Ted Chan, the founder of Malaysia Raspberry Pi Club (www.myraspberrypi.club) . I live in Kuala Lumpur and I am a CCA teacher teaching Robotics to grade 4-9. I am fascinated with promoting and teaching CS and STEM through the club as community work and as a teacher.

I found code.org’s courses very useful as an introductory course for those below grade 4, perfectly bridging towards the courses I am teaching.

Looking forward to network and exchange with the rest here.



My name is Gil Luna and I live and work in Vancouver WA (the first Vancouver). I teach grade K-12 and I am excited to join a community of educators introducing CS into their classrooms! I have never considered myself a superStar rather I consider my self a superStealer of good ideas so I look forward to what I will learn from you!



Good morning. My name is Janeen Donovan. I teach grade three in a small rural school south of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

I am very keen on learning about Computer Science as I want to remain a relevant teacher. I can’t teach effectively things I don’t know or understand myself.

I am so hopeless in the computer/digital age but won’t let that stop me. (It only took me 10 minutes to work out how to introduce myself and I don’t even have a Twitter account)

Queensland teachers are currently on school holidays (Term 4 starts next Tuesday) so I hope to complete this training while I have lots of time to myself.

I can’t upload a picture of myself as I don’t know how. (Yet).

My favourite ice cream flavour is rum and raisin.



My name is Kevin Uyeda and I’m the computer teacher/tech coordinator at Wahiawa Elementary School in Hawaii. As of this school year our school is a “one to one” school, so our 452 students and staff have access to a computer device at all times throughout the day. I am responsible to teach computer classes and maintain all the tech devices on our campus.

We’ve dabbled in code in previous years, but we’re looking into teaching code in full force this year.


My name is Anna Smith and I am the library teacher at the Cottage Elementary School in Sharon, Massachusetts. This will be my third year on the job. Together with our Tech Integration Specialist, I will be teaching code.org lessons during Hour of Code week this year. I see classes in grades K-5 for weekly lessons of 40 minutes each. I love the idea of expanding the domain of the school library to include coding and makerspace learning. You can reach me via Twitter @AAndrewsSmith.


My name is Brad and I am the applied tech teacher at John Sevier Middle School in Kingsport, Tennessee. This is my second full school year of teaching coding. My district through the help of a grant funded consultant is working on developing a k-8 coding curriculum. Looking forward to learn more about coding.


Hi. My name is Sharlene, a teacher librarian from Sydney, Australia. I am always looking for new initiatives in the library that have students exploring their curiosities and learning more about the world. I came across Code.org during a professional development afternoon at school - another teacher presented a coding workshop and code.org was on the list … now I am here checking it out a little more :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the course :slight_smile:


Hi! My name is Rania. I’m a 3rd grade teacher in Pomona, CA. I like hiking, gardening, and baking. I love alternative teaching methods and using a hands-on approach for lesson plans. I don’t know much about coding or how it can be helpful for teaching but I’m here and excited to learn!


Hi! My name is Bárbara, I teach computer science in kindergarden and grades 1 to 6 at an elementary school in trenque laquen Argentina. This is the first year we have implemented code.org lessons and I see how students feel so interested in coding. The lessons are so clear that coding is becoming a natural way of thinking.
We have worked before with some scratch proyects that worked very well, but I think that these code.org courses help both teachers and students to undertand coding.
My aim is to make students conscious that they are the ones that control the machines, that there is no better computer than their brains, and that if they learn how to code they will have the power to create and control whatever they want.
I´m also a graphic and web designer, that gave me certain background on planning and coding.
I would love to contact with other teacher arround the world to exchage experiences.



My name is Heather Love-Fleck. I am an EdTech TOSA in Oceanside, CA. I work with students in grades TK - 8. I am interested in participating in this community to learn more about teaching coding to younger students (TK - 1). I would say I’m an intermediate-level code teacher, but I want to learn more!

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