Welcome to CS Principles 22-23: Introduce Yourself!

Hello, my name is Tricia. I work with high school students

Hi Tom, I wil be teaching CS principles. Do you know if there is a student facing syllabus?

Hi , My name is Katrina Petropoulos. I will be teaching Science and Technology in middle school this year. It is so nice to be welcomed you the Code.org community.

Hi my name is Laura. I will be teaching AP CSP at the high school level.

I have never taught this class before, but I am really excited to do so while also learning along with my students!

I am Tanya Vanderford. This is my first time to teach this course. I am excited to learn along with my students.

My name is Karima Gibson. I will be teaching CS to grades 6-12. I am excited about this new journey of exploration, insight and evolution.

I’ll be teaching Units 1-3 for the first time this school year.

I teach grades 6-8

S. Jonathan Smith
Aberdeen Middle School
Harford County, MD

Hi! Thanks for your question. There’s currently no student-facing syllabus, but we encourage you to look through the forum to see if there are some resources that other teachers have made that you can use.

I’m LaVonda Lyons. I’m a CS Teacher at Flowers High School in Prince George’s County Public Schools system. I look forward to teaching another year of CS Discoveries. Each year I strive to get better and better. I will seek the help of my peers here in this forum more this year to accomplish that.
Enjoy what’s left of your summer break.

My name is Timothy Harkness
I am teaching Discovering CS at the Lower Richland HS in Columbia, SC.
I am most excited about the breath and depth of the information, support , and lessons offered in Code.Org. Outstanding!

Hello I am a high school teacher using CS Principles 9-12 grade.

I am Everlast Chigoba and I teach CSP, high school level in Coumbia, SC. I like the tons of resources for teacher and students in code.org CS curriculum and the community of teachers to help each other along the way!

John Mortensen, San Diego, Del Norte HS, 10-12. CS Principles always brings me my new faces. They seem to be different each year, often positive.

Hello All!

My name is Dan and I teach HS AP Computer Science Principles.

I look forward to these forums!


Mr. Melvin Dukes here and I’m teaching High School CS for the first time and I am extremely nervous. I WANT to be excited, but I can’t find the excitement because there’s so much I don’t know in teaching this course.

Hi everyone,
Nice to find you here!
I am a computer graphics teacher who doesn’t know coding and who is teaching it for the first time to High School students.
Best regards,

Hi everyone, I am Lynne Grady I teach math and CS for 10-12 grade. I am most excited about being the head learner and expanding this program to include a more diverse population.

Good luck this year! LG

I’m Heather! I’ve been teaching AP Computer Science to 10-12 grade students in high school for five years. This is my 27th year teaching overall.

Hello! Linda here. I am teaching gr11 Intro to Computers in the fall. I am excited about the detailed lesson plans that are provide. This is my 2nd time teaching this course. The quality of these well-thought-out lessons, including the unplugged activities, will be very helpful. We are in Ontario, so I have a bit of work connecting everything to our curriculum standards, but that’s ok :).

Hello! My name is Katherine. I’m teaching AP Computer Science to 9th & 10 grade at Tara High in Baton Rouge, LA .