What is a flippy-do?


In lesson 7 (Combining Representations) it refers to a “flippy-do” from the previous lesson.

“Distribute: Give a copy of Activity Guide - Pet Records - Activity Guide and ASCII to Binary Table - Reference to each pair. Ensure each group has access to flippy-do from the previous lesson.”

However lesson 6 (Keeping Data Secret) does not mention a flippy-do.

Please advise!


I didn’t find the flippy-do in the previous lessons. The flippy-do is used in CSP Unit 1 Lesson 5. Here is the link: https://curriculum.code.org/csp/unit1/5/



Hi Michelle,

In an earlier version of this unit we used a simplified version of the flippy-do that’s found in CSP. I just removed the references to “flippy-do” in the lesson plan and replaced them with references to the binary widget. Thanks for letting us know about the problem.



Thank you for fixing the lesson!