'15-'16 The Internet is for Everyone

Use this thread to discuss your questions and comments about how to run the lesson.

I did this lesson today with having students look at “The internet is for everyone document…” It went well but it was a little short for the hour. Students enjoyed thinking about the role the internet played in society but looking back I could have made a better connection to “impact” - I wish I would have researched some information about access to the internet world wide. I know there are some cool maps out there too that show income and access to the internet.

We also read this article which NPR had recently about the physical internet which I think was a good transition to this topic since we talked about the physical internet last unit.

Is there anything I need to do for my students to have access to Unit 2 in the Code studio?

My plan for this lesson is to run “fishbowls”. We had PD on collaborative learning this month. A fishbowl has 4-5 students in the middle having a discussion and while the ones on the outside listen. There is also a “hotseat” that the teacher can open and other students can jump into the hotseat and make one comment. I haven’t done this format yet, but my students all used it in English class last year. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Hi @caroline when you are ready to move to Unit 2 with your students, you can go back to the sections list for your teacher dashboard and change the course dropdown to cspunit2. That will make the course show up for your students when they go to studio.code.org.

Regardless of whether you do that, your students can always visit the url directly at studio.code.org/s/cspunit2.


I am going to get to this lesson on Thursday or Friday. I was think of the showing the History Channel’s documentary about the internet beforehand. Has anyone seen this documentary and think it will be worthwhile?



I haven’t seen it, but love the idea of kicking things off with a fun documentary!

I went to the Teacher Dashboard to switch to Unit 2, clicked on the drop-down box selected cspunit2 and my students could not access unit 2. As a result, I had to provide the link. My students will be fine with the link I just wanted to inform you on this difficulty.


This will be my opener: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/four-principles-for-the-open-world-don-tapscott

I started the lesson with a short video on the history of the internet:

Then I distributed the primary source. Because itt was first period on a very rainy day, skimming the RFC was difficult. I gave them a TimeLine document to place these innovations in the correct time period (before or after 2002). Innovations were: cell phones, Wifi, proxy voting for stockholders, email, online databases (all before 2002), smart phones, phone cameras, HD TV, YouTube, online calendars, Twitter (all after 2002). All answers were in the document. They could write answers and check in the document. It helped them focus on the document. Then they split into partners and created a slide show describing their challenge to present to the class.


Love this video. I am showing it to my class tomorrow.

where is the 2 minute video with vint cerf which addresses “what is the internet really?” It is referenced in the lesson plan but there is no link to it and i could not find it by googling

Hi Bryan,

The 2-minute video is one that we’re adding into the '16-'17 version of this lesson, so it’s not quite ready yet. It’s mid-production and will be available in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!


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