'16-'17 General Discussion for Lesson 2.5


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'15-'16 Lossy Compression and File Formats

I am in class right now and we are investigating U2 Lesson 5… and I went to the forum and only found last years stuff but I noticed someone said they had extra material that they pulled from the ECS course… do you happen to know which unit that was in?


I think you are looking for the lessons in Unit 2 when students are introduced to complex algorithms.



Actually, I think the lessons you (and Andrea) might be referring to are some lessons we designated as optional. Those lessons are about more complex networking algorithms and they used to be in Unit 2 which is where we used to teach Internet stuff.

As a result these lessons are now the Optional ones in Unit 1, which you can see by looking at the unit overview page here: https://curriculum.code.org/csp/unit1/

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CSP Team


Last year, I redid the minimal spanning tree and sorting lessons from ECS Unit 2 with my CSP students. I wasn’t happy with how I taught it when I had the same group for ECS. Even with new students, I think it may be helpful to use some of the ECS material as a warm-up to help students make the connection to prior learning. The now optional CSP lessons are pretty meaty especially for students who struggle with math so the upfront review will help.




The File format and rapid research paper the students are filling out… do you have a sample (key) of what you are looking for in each of those boxes?



The assessment question in this lesson shows the answers for the first 2 boxes on the rapid research paper. Hope this helps.



Does someone have an answer key for this?
[File Formats Rapid Research ]


I sent you a key that I made via personal message!


I just heard this podcast that I thought might be a good thing to use during this time of the year. It touches on global impact in a big way AND encoding of data (a 2-4-1)!

In the podcast, they talk about how images and sound can be manipulated and what types of ramifications that has for society. They also features several computer scientists who talk about their concern (or lack there of) for the possible harm this may cause. I think it could spark good conversations between students and be relevant for this unit.

BE WARNED though, there is a bit of a political leaning here - they do play some of the more un-presidential quotes from our current president so I could understand that some teachers might be wary of phone calls they might get about assigning it. You could always assign just part of the podcast too or listen to part of it in class.


May I also have a key? Debbie.hackney@pgcps.org


may I also have a key please!