2.6 Encoding an Experience Written Response Question

This is the teaching tip for the lesson:
You do not have to give all of these examples if you think students get it, or you have already covered these ideas with some detail. The point is to convey the central importance that developing abstractions and understanding the effects and trade-offs that result from having to represent all information in binary has on pretty much anything having to do with computers

My question is, what are some of the effects and trade-offs that result? Meaning that you might not have allowed enough bits? I really need help on this question at the end of the PT.

One of the trade offs is how much information to store - the more information to store, the more bits are needed. So one has to decide on what information to store. If we pick and choose information some part of the experience may be lost. Also, it is hard to digitize emotions or feelings accurately. For instance, how did you feel at the birthday party? - happy at first but then someone said something and it upset me. How do you store information like that?

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