3.16 isTouching/Sounds


Where do you get sounds to add to your program or do we just have to use the default?


Hover over the playsound block and see the examples.
You can grab sounds from anywhere on the web. I don’t have any good resources for sounds libraries though. Hopefully someone else will have some good ones.


We are having trouble with sound playing correctly in our code. Where should I look to figure out why this is so? thanks!



Can you share your code/project using the share key in the top left hand corner?

The 2 most common errors are the URL to .mp3 doesn’t work (needs the player on the webpage the students got it from) or the students never stop the sound so it plays on a loop.

To resolve each: 1.) Copy and paste the URL students are trying to use in the playSound block into a new browser tab/window, if it doesn’t play then its an issue with the URL. 2.) use the playSound block with the looping boolean set to true/false and use the stopSound block to stop the mp3 from looping again and again in the draw loop.

Hope that helps and looking forward to seeing the code/project to figure this out together!