A play/test area for teachers


It would be nice if there were extra puzzle/levels at the end of each lesson where teachers could play and test the code without affecting the code area that you are teaching. I’ve created a few sample coding puzzles in the level that I am teaching for a quiz but then I have to go to version history and start over for teaching. It is really hard to remember which level you did your testing on to go back and view the history to show students the correct answer.

I am teaching Units 1, 2 and 3. This would also be helpful in Unit 2 for the HTML coding.

I know I can probably create another account to do this but jumping back and forth is sometimes difficult.



I like the idea of a sandbox for teachers!


Hi Mrs. Esposito,
You can create as many practice projects as you like for yourself by visiting https://studio.code.org/projects/ (or clicking Create in the new website header). You will see Game Lab right away, but will need to click “View Full List” to find Web Lab a little further down. Let us know if this helps to solve your problem!


Thanks Mike. That should work for me. I am starting a new marking period, so I will try the projects feature when I create my next quiz.