About Course 2 curriculum

Hi. There are some specific lesson objectives of course 2 curriculum for each lessons. I want to learn the main goals of the lessons. I mean ; For example

Maze: Sequence


Students will:
Express movement as a series of commands
Order movement commands as sequential steps in a program
Represent an algorithm as a computer program
Count the number of times an action should be executed and represent it as instructions in a program
Recall and apply the rules of pair programming
Use pair programming to complete collaborative tasks with or without a computer
Identify situations when the rules of pair programming are not followed

The main objectives of the course are not specified

How can i learn the main goals of each lesson plans on code.org ?

We’ve listed objectives for each lesson in the teacher guide. You should be able to find everything you need here:

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Yes, I saw it, but it’s different than what I want to ask. You gave specific goals for each lesson. I am curious about the overall goals for each lesson. Especially for the 2nd course. Course 2 has 19 lessons. These 19 lessons have lots of special goals. I would like to find out the main objectives for these 19 lesson separately.

How can I identify the main objectives for each leeson, because they are not written directly in the teacher guide.

Ah, I see.

We have not compiled an overall list of goals for each course, because teachers use the courses so differently that we cannot say with great certainty which lessons they will complete and which they will skip entirely. I’m afraid that your best bet is to go through and grab some of the more prominent objectives from lessons about each concept.

That was a useful answer for me. Thank you.

The fact that the objectives are so specific makes training difficult. By the way I want to ask you something else.

there are some tests at the end of lessons. But I think it’s not enough to make measurements. Do you have other tools or achievement tests to measure if students understand code.org’s lessons? If not, what do you suggest ?

We don’t currently offer assessments for grading. We know that it’s a necessary feature in the world of education today, but that idea does not relate well to our goal of trying to get students to learn and love computer science.

As the year goes on, we will be adding puzzles to measure how much improvement we see in a particular student, as well as adding tools for teachers to see the skills where students could use more practice. It is unlikely that either of those will be exclusively helpful for grading, however.

In the meantime, here is a post where various teachers discuss their options for assessments:

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