Adding an invisible wall

//Help with student who would like to add an “Invisible wall” pushing the sprite off the screen…

Hi @burnsk,
I’m wondering if you could give me just a little more information about what the student is expecting to happen. Which sprite(s) are they wanting the invisible wall to push? What controls do they want to include? I think we need just a little more information. Thanks!

Agreed, perhaps if you had just a little more information on how it would work… (what sprites are being pushed off the screen and what conditions would cause that to happen). In principle, however, you could create a sprite and set its visibility to false and then use the sprite.displace block to accomplish that purpose.

Let us know how we can help!


Thank you both. Student figured out what to do, realizing that the problem was understanding that how to view the checkered empty space and add collide so that the sprite would touch the invisible checkered part and sprite would be launched or disappear.


Great! Glad they got it working!


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