Age Restrictions in Unit 2 Web Development


Are there age restrictions in Unit 2 Chapter 1 (Web Development)?

My 6th graders (age 11) are sometimes getting errors that they cannot access certain pages.

I teach 6th-8th graders in a mixed classroom and we are now completing Lesson 4 in Unit 2 Web Development and one of my students couldn’t access Unit 2 Lesson 4 Button 4.

Thanks for help,

Hey Susan,

I’m not aware of any age restrictions that should affect your students. I have had students get this message when they’re not logged in/forgotten to login. Can you check that and see if it remedies the situation? Otherwise you may want to reach out to and have them check it out.

Let me know what you find out!


Thanks so much Wendy! I didn’t think to check if they were logged in or not. I will check that next class.

Thanks again,

No problem, Susan! Being the beginning of the year, it would make sense that they may have forgotten being that they’re not in the habit of signing in. Hopefully it’s a simple fix!