Am I doing something really stupid?


I have been trying to use to create fractals for my nephew, but, for the life of me, I can’t get anything to be displayed on the screen, although the code does run correctly with the correct messages being put into the debug log.

Here is a very simple example :

I should be seeing a blue circle, right? But, no matter how I modify the code, I never see anything.

Is there something fundamentally wrong with what I’m doing?




I am receiving a strange error when I call the function to clear the canvas :

ERROR: Line: 2: TypeError: Applab.activeCanvas.getContext is not a function 

I have no idea why this simple code example is not working…



On line 1 use createCanvas() instead of setActiveCanvas()


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@jbd2 check out @jadams1 post above - it looks like he fixed it!


Thanks! :smiley: It works now :smiley: Kind of quirky though :slightly_smiling_face: