AP Create Task - Screen Limit


Good afternoon. I have a problem that I hope someone can help me with. One of my students is working on her Create PT. Her app has 22 screens so far. She is using multiple drop-down menus and many screens. She attempted to add another screen and the option is no longer available. Do you know if there is a limit to screens? How do we fix this problem?



I can’t address the issue with a potential limit to screens–hopefully, someone can comment on that from the code.org developers (@frank_w_lee?)

However, two possible solutions: 1) are some screens similar enough that showing/hiding elements will fulfill their need for a “new screen”? 2) Remember that the Create doesn’t necessarily have to be fully functional (this may be super frustrating to some kids–but I had several that created a “proof of concept” that worked for a single path, and showed the ability to have other paths, but didn’t actually fully function).


I played around with App Lab and was able to add over 30 screens and there’s still the option to add more screens. Is it possible that the option is so far down on the screen that it’s not visible? You might try pressing the “Duplicate” button on the right hand side to duplicate a screen instead.


That helps a lot. Actually, she managed to trouble shoot it on her own. The program seems to glitch periodically on our system. She let it sit for a day and it worked fine.

Thanks so much for your help.