AP CSP Unit 2 Lessons 3-6, Bubbles/levels 2

I am having trouble adding routers. My students can add routers, and I cannot. They can see everyone logged into the simulator and I cannot. They have more control than I. I cannot even see the “teacher view” it is blank.

I need a fix soon because this severely limits what I can do during our 90 minute class.

Hi @msmith - please make sure you are in the same version of the course as your students. In the URL, do you see csp-2020?

I suggest writing in to support@code.org so we can help you troubleshoot there. Please include screenshots so we can better understand what’s happening.

Thanks for your quick response. I have submitted a request to the support team. I included screen shots in a PPT. Please let me know if anything was confusing in my request.