AP CSP Unit 3 Lesson 7 part 4, no longer sounds "buggy"/ students didn't see issue/bug

I remember in previous years when one would make the bug occur on Lesson 7 part 4 with the music it was very obvious. This morning my students were working through Lesson 7 part 4 and it was not evident to them at all what the bug was. I tried it a few times and while the music sounded a little “off” it’s not evident at all that the music is playing twice. Has anyone else encountered this? I will show the kids what the bug is supposed to be and how to “fix” it, but I don’t think the exercise currently shows why one does not want to put onEvents inside of other onEvents.

Hi @linus.lindroos ,

Thanks for the feedback. I noticed it seems worse when you hide the controls a few times and start it back up again. I agree it is a little hard to notice if you don’t know what to expect.

I’d recommend going to https://support.code.org/hc/en-us/requests/new and selecting “I’d like to report a bug” as the subject. That is the best way to get your feedback to the engineers.

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–Michael K.

I felt the same way.
I modified this lesson by separating out the onEvent blocks.
I then put the onEvent to play the sound inside of the onEvent to stop the sound.
This taught students that onEvents should not go inside of other onEvents because they rely on the first condition happening.
This was just a more clear example rather than what the original example tried to convey.

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