App Lab and Unit 3


This year we are offering CSD as an Intro and Advanced class. This is the first semester where students have worked on Unit 3 of CSD. Are my other students going to be able to use the app lab if they have not done Unit 3?
I am halfway through teaching Unit 3 right now, but I am thinking maybe I should stop and begin the second semester advanced classes with this unit as it looks like they will need JavaScript throughout Units 4-6.
Any tips or suggestions are appreciated.



Hi Christy,

For Units 4 & 5, your students should not have a problem, even if they haven’t seen Unit 3 at all. (We do recommend that they have taken Unit 1, which it sounds like they have.)

Unit 6 relies on things that students have learned in both Units 3 & 4, but most of the required material appears in the first chapter of Unit 3, so if you are pressed for time, you can skip the second chapter of the unit.




Completely agree. I’ve got to change for the next semester and looking at the units I’m focused on Unit 1 (Problem Solving), Unit 3 (Game Lab/Javascript), Unit 4 (Prototyping) and Unit 6 (App Lab). I’m attempting to include the Unit 1 and 4 lessons throughout the course to reinforce those concepts. But I wanted to make sure students were comfortable with Javascript and the Game Lab/App Lab platform.