[App Lab-Lesson 3: Multi-screen apps, Step 10] When image clicked, also clicks background

This is for App Lab:

We are making a clicker game in class, and I notice when I click on an image in that game, it also clicks on the background, making the point of the game impossible.

How do I click on the image, without clicking on the background?

Hi @jimmytran,

We’d be happy to help. Can you please answer a few questions for us:

  • Which course is this for: CS Discoveries, CS Principles, or another?
  • If for CS Principles, please confirm that this is not part of a student’s Create task for the AP Exam. We’re extra careful around here between March and the date the Create task is due. :slight_smile:
  • Can you please provide a link to the project and a brief description of what you have already tried? We like to play with the code when debugging because often these things are not one-size-fits-all solutions.

Thank you!
–Michael K.

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