App lab list question

I have a student who is trying to make their app so that when they fill in the text box it appears as a button on the next screen but then they want to be able to go back and fill in the text box again and have a second button appear below the first. In Essence, to make a list on the second screen.


There is probably an easier way to do this, but I think I would recreate the screens in a series to create the illusion of what they want.
Screen 1: question 1 to complete
Screen 2: button with text
Screen 3: copy of screen 1
Screen 4: button with text from Screens 1 & 3
Something like that? What do other people think? There’s got to be an easier way.

Here’s a thread where they discuss this if I am understanding your question correctly.

This goes beyond the scope of CS Discoveries, but perhaps some of the CS Priniciples teachers can help if this thread isn’t what you are after.

Let us know if it works!