Applab API List Info CSV Spreadsheet

Hello All this is pretty much my first post here despite leaving a few helpful comments here or there. Today I’ve decided to make Applabs Whitelisted API’s in an easy to understand spreadsheet for newcomers or even teachers who wish to implement some form of API usage but don’t have to much time to dig through some of the links. So i thought I’d save you all some time by providing this resource down below

I currently have comments turned on for anyone who’d like to improve this information if they find any errors with my work or find a better way to present such data.

Just think of this as my little contribution since it wouldn’t do me any good to keep this for myself

PS: i wasn’t sure if this was the correct tag… so if it’s not appropriately in the correct category? if it isn’t, moderators feel free to adjust it to the correct one

Best: Varrience

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