Applab checkbox code

In applab I want my students to use the checkbox option. When I did mine and checked the table I get results ‘True’ or ‘false’ whereas I want the name of the checkbox chosen. This is my example that I want to show my students: - App Lab

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Hi @e.fat ,

When you create the record, you should use the associated text id instead of the checkbox value.
Here is my quick change to your code for the first checkbox:

onEvent("button1", "click", function( ) {
  var response = getText("text_area1");
  if (getChecked("checkbox1")) {
    createRecord("Test", {Tech:response}, function() {

You would repeat for each checkbox. Hope this helps!

Happy computing!

Thanks for that it worked. With this app also, I am trying to move to screen 2 when I press the button however it is changing.

How would you fix this one? When I run I want the Home Screen visible and once the button is pressed, it will take them to the 2nd screen, however when I run it, it will automatically jump to screen2.

Hi, @e.fat ,

In design mode, you can assign a screen to be a start screen by clicking the ‘Make Default’ button.

Happy computing,