AppLab Help from Unit 5 Lesson 3

My student is having an issue with his program and I was wondering if someone could help.

“I am creating a drawing project in AppLab. The sliders on my screen correspond to the R,G, and B values of the color that the user can paint with. I have two canvases: one for displaying the current color selection, and another for drawing the actual picture. I originally set the Active canvas to the small one in the bottom left corner. It displayed the color correctly. However, once I added the code to make the Active canvas the large one(meant for drawing), the rectangle shifted to the top left of the screen, which is part of the new Active canvas. Is there a way I can keep the rectangle in the bottom canvas while drawing in the top canvas?”

I tried to create a quick example to see if I understood what you meant. I created 2 canvases. With sliders and a button I can change the color of the rectangle in canvas2 - when i click on canvas1 it draws a circle using that color. The rectangle doesn’t move to canvas1. Here’s the screen while it’s running:

and the code is here:

Maybe you can post the code.