Array is not adding correctly

I have a student whose code looks fine to me. The problem is the array keeps adding incorrectly. It doubles the numbers after the first item entered. Any ideas?

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Out of an abundance of caution on the last day before the create task is due, we are not answering debugging questions that are not directly related to the curriculum. I would be happy to help tomorrow if you are still having issues. If so, please respond using the format of the debugging threads so that we have a little more information to help guide you:

  • Link to the project or level:
  • What I expect to happen:
  • What actually happens:
  • What I’ve tried:

Until then, here are some general debugging guidelines to help pinpoint the issue:

  • Use console.log statements to see the values of the variables and narrow down where the problem may be occurring.
  • Use the debugger - breakpoints and watchers to debug the issue you are facing
  • What line is causing this behavior? Can you remove/comment outlines to remove the error?
  • How is this project similar to others students have written? Can they use any of them as a template?

Please reach out after the due date if you still need help.