Assessment in CSF

I’m pulling this thread together as an all-in-one resource for assessment in CSF. As things change, I will be sure to add to this thread.

For now, we only support assessment for student understanding. We do this by providing “assessment” worksheets on unplugged lessons and “assessment” puzzles in online lessons.

You can find online assessment levels by looking in the progress bar for the blue circle surrounding a bubble while inside of a lesson progression.

As a teacher, you can check how any individual student did on these special levels using your blue pull-out menu inside the level itself. (As soon as the article on this has been written, I will link to it here.)

We have a teacher dashboard change coming that will help with this more heartily, and once it has been created, I will link instructions here.

Unfortunately, does not currently support assessment for the purpose of grades. To find out more about what other teachers are doing in that area, please see the following thread on the forum:

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