Assessments for HTTP and Abstraction on the Internet

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I have created a Trello board and I’m going to ask students to sort concepts/vocabulary into the different abstraction layers discussed in the video.

Hi Caroline,
Your trello board looks good. How do I use it?
Kate Pomeroy

Here are the instructions I prepared. I am doing this on Friday so these aren’t tested yet.

There are many parts of the internet that rely on other protocols. Their ability to use these protocols rather then having to reimplement everything themselves is an example of abstraction.

The Video provides a simplified view of the internet into 3 abstraction layers. In this exercise you will take the concepts we have learned about in Unit 2 and move them into one of three layers.

Trello - Open this Trello Board.

Sign in to Trello using google

Make a copy of the board (click “more” on the right hand side) setting the permissions ot Public

On your copy sort the items into the layers.

Turn in a url to your board.

Thank you for sharing!

Thank you so much!!! My kids used your study guide and they commented on how much it focused them for the test

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I will give it a shot. Thanks for sharing this new resource. Do you have a “key” you could share? I haven’t quite figured out the Trello site yet.

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have you possibly created one of these for unit 2?

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