Background animation/image not working with Changing score


This student wants to use a background animation/image AND show the changing score on top of the background animation/image.
We cannot figure out how to “layer” the background animation/image to show the ever changing score.

Another student used a background animation/image. It shows the score but it doesnt change and nothing moves.

How can we get a background image, have the sprites move and show the changing score?


I was having the exact problem this morning and found this other post that cleared up our confusion. check it out and see if it help: 3.22 Score not displaying regardless of sprite order

Basically call the draw score function AFTER you draw the sprites! Simple, but drove us crazy.

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Hi Jason,

In order for us to see the code, can you click the “Share” button at the top of those pages and paste in the link it gives you? The links you shared just take us to that level, but they don’t let us see the student code.