Bug? CSD6-2018 Stage 2 Puzzle 6


Bug in Course csd6-2018 Stage 2 Puzzle 6

I know the phone screen is 320x450, however the crosshair doesn’t seem to be recalibrated to this size screen. When I move the smiley face using numbers from the crosshair it doesn’t match the placement of the crosshair. I know my students use the crosshairs to decide what coordinates to place in their code.


Hi, these are working for me. Can you describe exactly what is happening? Do you see (0, 0) when you put the crosshairs at the top left of the screen? Does the smiley go to the top left of the screen when you set it to (0, 0)?

In case this is the issue, please note that the elements on the screen are set according to the top left point of the element, and elements are squares and they have a bit of a margin on them, so setting the smiley at 0,0 should put it like the following:




Okay, so is the margin set where the smiley’s top left corner should mark the x,y coordinates? If that is the case then it does work. I thought the middle of the smiley was supposed to be on the x,y coordinates input.



Yes, for elements on an App Lab screen it is the top left corner. It’s much easier to see that in design mode, but particularly hard for this example because there is so much whitespace in the image.