Can someone help with sprite movement w/ animations

When I click space it is supposed to play “KaiJumpingRight” but it plays “KaiRunningRight”, and when I click space and still in the air it shows both “KaiRunningRight” and “KaiRunningLeft” at the same time. How can I make it so the jumping animation will play and will not show runnning left at the same time.

the link you provided only goes to the hosting site not the project… to get an exact reason why your having an issue; I’d also recommend using the proper tags when asking for help especially since your asking for debugging help of which not all people do, based off of the limited information you can solve the animation conflict pretty simply if you just wish for it to display the jumping animation while the character is in the air

var isJumping = false;
if(keyWentDown("space")) {
 isJumping = true;
if(sprite.velocity === 0) {
 isJumping = false;

I’d say something like this would limit the confusion of which there are many ways of insuring that animations finish before switching


Hi @spoonrogers ,

I’m able to access your program, but I can’t see how to make it start at all. Maybe you have made changes since posting your question, but there doesn’t appear to be any mechanism for the character to move or for the game to start …

Check back in if you are still struggling.