Centering Images


How do you center an image on a website? (Either with or without text wrapping).


Here are a couple ways to do it.


Thanks! This was helpful.


Where can I find the code to center?


Mrs. Baker,

A little trick on almost any website - you can right click (sometimes you need to right click in different places if you are clicking on a webkit tool) and select “Show Page Source” or “View Page Source” or “Inspect Element” - these will open a separate window which you can then look at ANY code you find online. More advanced webpages have a lot of css and js which is hard to uncover - but every page with have the doctype, html, head, title, body tags and probably a p and h1 or two. This is a great exercise for students to see the building blocks of what they are doing and how those things are included on existing webpages.

Hope that helps!