Class group project, 7th & 8th grades

I am currently teaching an after school Code class for 7th/8th-grade students (Bank Street College of Education, NYC), and am hoping to learn about projects that this student group can work on collaboratively … within which we have a total of 10 students. For the last three weeks, students have worked mostly independently, but I’d like to see them transition toward a group project, if such an option exists. Any advice would be appreciated.

Mike McCalman

Hi Mike,

The first thing that comes to mind in the CS Discoveries curriculum is Unit 4. It is designed to be completed in groups. Chapter 1 lessons focus on understanding the needs of others while solving a problem. Chapter 2 has students work through a user centered design process to build an app for good with both a paper prototype as well as a digital prototype using App Lab. (

I also have students participate in Unit 6 with a partner but it does require circuit boards.

I am sure many others will have suggestions about group projects as well.
Good luck,

Wonderful! Thank you so much for this tip. Will explore over the weekend.

Mike McCalman