Code made by student does not show in the canva area. It keeps displaying the message: Loading

Link of the project:

What I expect to happen: [I expect the program to run]
What actually happens: [Keeps displaying the message: “Loading…”]
What I’ve tried: [to run several times. To wait. To refresh the page. To e-mail the support…]

@lvieira There seems to be a problem with the Sprite “Planet” . That’s the Sprite that will not load. There are also logic errors in the draw function. The code also needs some reorganization comments.

I was able to get parts of the program to work when I removed the planet Sprite.

When I clicked on this link the program ran and I was able to navigate across the screen and get the new screen that said “You are out of this world”

Were you able to debug it and get it to run? It looked great from my side!

If there are other debugs we can help you with, let us know.

Thank you! She was able to fix the code.

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